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Get Powerskip Jumping Stilts from - The professional jumping stilts. THe powerskip jumping stilt Springs are also used in Velocity Stilts - Velocity Motion Stilts.
The PowerSkip's are the original jumping stilts created by the inventor & patent holder Alexander Boeck. They are manufactured in Germany & are the best stilts currently available.The Powerskip is the professional's choice and are used by SweBounce and are even used in The Lord of the Rings On-Stage theater production.These stilts are not mass produced, they are made using the ultimate in engineering design & shouldn't be confused with any other brand - this is all reflected in the price. UK Good Deals ltd are proud to make The PowerSkip available to UK customers through For more info, pics & specs please click here to vist UK Good Deals.


We have to thank Mr Alexander Böck for the invention of these stilts. Very little is known about the inventor himself but it is said that the jumping stilts were created based on his in-depth research into the walking and running movements of the kangaroo, the stilt was developed and evolved over time to mimic this and now offers the end-user boundless possibilities. It is widely recognised within the sport that once mastered you can run faster than 20mph and jump 7ft high!

The biggest exposure the stilts saw was when the jumping stilts were featured in an advert for Zurich with the slogan "Because change happenZ" in which it askeds "What if your product goes global?

Luckily for Mr Böck his stilts have gone global and are now protected by a patent in most countries! The patent can be seen 
here surprisingly it was patented as "A Device for helping a person to walk!"

POWERSKIPS - THE ORIGINAL BOCK                                              
The brand that Mr Böck created and now sells himself is called "Powerskip" These stilts are regarded as the best and are used mainly by professional performing artists such as "Swebounce" and are currently used in the "Lord of the Rings - On Stage" theater production as seen below:

Lord of the Rings - Using Powerskips in Orc's Attack scene


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Pro-Jump stilts are original patent protected jumping stilts, bouncing stilts, powerbocks. Similar stilts are aka Powerisers, Powerizers, PowerStrider, Jolly Jumper, 7 League boots, fly jumpers, powerskips. velocity stilts, skyrunners, poweriser, powerizer, 7mileboot, Olympic, Jolly jumpers. We only sell Pro-Jump.

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